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In order to create a ROME target system, you need to install at least the following packages:

  • ROME OS components
  • ROME Target Builder
  • A ROME toolchain
  • Most packages are available in RPM format, so installation should be fairly simple. Source RPMs are also provided for some packages, so you can rebuild the code on your system.

    ROME OS components (OS sources)

    Components are targets, CPU plugins, modules and messagesets. They can be installed individually as they are needed to build a ROME system. You can download the components at:


    ROME Target Builder (version 2)

    The ROME Target Builder can be downloaded in source and binary format at:



    To build a target system you need the toolchain for the specific target architecture. Typically you download the GNU toolchain sources and cross-compile the toolchain for your specific architecture. There are precompiled toolchain packages available at:


    The standard packages contain the files as they are generated by the GNU cross-compile process, so the packages are quite big. If you have a slow connection or want to save disk space, you can also download one of the -lite versions of the toolchain packages. The -lite versions have been stripped down and only contain the very essential files.

    Currently the MIPS toolchain packages are the only package available. If you compiled a toolchain package for another architecture and would like to have it published here, please let me know.


    Older Packages

    In this section you can find the packages that came with the older version of RTB. These packages are based on the old configuration mechanism and DO NOT WORK with the new version of RTB. However, they can be easily modified to work with the new RTB.

    There are separate packages for the ROME source code and ROME documentation. Below you can download the source code for the OS itself. Go here for the documentation.

    You can browse and download ROME packages at http://rome.sourceforge.net/downloads/v1.0/src or click on one of the links below. You can also check out the latest sources of ROME and the ROME documentation from the CVS server.

    ROME OS source packages

    To download the latest package containing all ROME OS Modules, MessageSets and Targets click here or here:


    ROME Target Builder

    Click here to get the latest version. You can also click here:


    Here you will get the pre-compiled version for Linux (x86, glibc-2.1):


    Send mail to Wolfgang Reißnegger (don't forget to remove -REMOVE-THIS- from address) if you want to contribute or if you have questions or comments about ROME.