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There is a variety of documentation available for ROME. All are available for download in the Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

ROME documents are written in LyX. LyX is a freely available front end to LaTeX and can be downloaded at http://www.lyx.org. The source code for ROME documents in LyX format can be obtained via CVS

ROME build and configuration environement

This document briefly describes the new ROME build environment and configuration mechanism. It should make it easy to transfer old ROME components to the new environment:

ROME build and configuration environment

ROME OS Reference

Here you can get a set of documents describing the internals of ROME Modules, MessageSets and Targets. You can get a single document at http://rome.sourceforge.net/downloads/v2.0/docs/ or download a package by clicking on one of the links below:

ROME Modules package
ROME MessageSets package

ROME Multimedia Platform (RMP) Architecture

The ROME Multimedia Platform provides the framework and toolkits for developing Graphical User Interfaces with ROME. This document explains how RMP works and how it is integrated into ROME.

RMP Architecture Overview


Older Documents

In this section you can find the documentation that came with the older version of RTB. Although the ROME configuration mechanism and RTB have changed, the information in these documents is still very valuable and can easily be transferred to the new environment.

Getting Started

The first document you should read is the "ROME Getting Started" guide. It tells you how to set up your own ROME development environment and lets you know what packages you need to download.

ROME Getting Started

ROME Target Builder (RTB) User Manual

The ROME Target Builder is used to create, configure and build ROME systems. This user manual describes how to use RTB together with CVS to build ROME systems.

RTB User Manual

ROME Programmer's Guide

The ROME Programmer's Guide gives an introduction to software development under ROME. It explains how ROME works internally and how you can exploit the features of ROME to build your own application. It steps through a simple 'Hello World' example to explain the first steps towards your next ROME project.

RTB Programmer's Guide

ROME Porting Guide

The ROME Porting guide explains how you can port ROME to your own hardware. It uses the example of an Cyclone MicroSystems CVME965 Single Board Computer, running an i960hd processor. Although this might not be your everyday hardware platform, it gives a pretty good example of the porting process.

RTB Porting Guide


Send mail to Wolfgang Reißnegger (don't forget to remove -REMOVE-THIS- from address) if you want to contribute or if you have questions or comments about ROME.