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Version 2 of ROME Target Builder (RTB) has been released.

RTB version 2 screenshot The new version of RTB has been developed to simplify the configuration process and make it more intuitive. Major parts have been rewritten and some code has been removed. This resulted in a more flexible and stable application. The new version of RTB can be downloaded here.

The most important changes and enhancements in the new version are:

  • RTB is now based on project directories.
    In accordance with the new configuration mechanism, RTB works now based on project directories. Multiple instances of RTB can be started to edit multiple projects at a time.
  • CVS support has been removed.
    Integrating CVS into RTB was intented to make distributed development much easier. However, it made RTB much more complex than it needed to be. The purpose of RTB is to create and configure a compilable source tree for a ROME target, nothing more.
    Of course, CVS can still be used to maintain the source code by using the CVS command line tools.
  • Elimination of most modal dialogs.
    The new version of RTB allows for multiple edit dialogs for ROME components such as targets, CPU plugins, modules and messagesets. This makes the edit process much easier as you can cut and paste information across multiple dialogs.
  • The User Manual for the new version of RTB is not yet finished. However, you can get the manual for the old version here. Although there have been some changes in RTB the old manual still contains some applicable information.

    Send mail to Wolfgang Reißnegger (don't forget to remove -REMOVE-THIS- from address) if you want to contribute or if you have questions or comments about ROME.