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First ROME components based on the new configuration mechanism released

The first components for the new configuration mechanism have been released.
The changes are mainly in the configuration files, only few changes have taken place in the source code itself.
This initial release (RCMP-all) includes components for MIPS based systems, including:

  • Target configuration file for the Algorithmics P4032 evaluation board
  • CPU Plugin for the MIPS r4300 processor
  • Timer module for MIPS r4300
  • Driver module for P4032 interrupt controller
  • Driver module for the V962PBC PCI controller (used on P4032)
  • Driver Module for the UART 16550 serial chip, including target configuration for P4032
  • Hello World Demo module

  • The components can be downloaded at
    More components will follow. Please feel free to contribute your own components to the ROME distribution. If you have anything you would like to contribute you can contact me at gnagflow@users.sourceforge.net.

    Send mail to Wolfgang Reißnegger (don't forget to remove -REMOVE-THIS- from address) if you want to contribute or if you have questions or comments about ROME.